Old Fashioned Phones



Old Fashioned Phones

Before mobile, wireless, and Bluetooth telephones were pretty simple. They didn't take pictures, play MP3’s or Mpegs, and they didn't play games. If you wanted to store your friends’ and family members’ phone numbers, you used an address book that often took up residence alongside your telephone. Today, telephones not only look different then the phones used during the twentieth century, they act different as well.

However, whether for nostalgic reasons, sentimental value, or if you simply prefer to collect them, vintage and old fashioned phones not only look great, but they are fully functional as well. Not many antique items can be plugged in and are operable, but old-fashioned phones are an exception to the rule. Functional, decorative, and beautiful old fashioned phones make an excellent choice for gifts as well as accessories for your home or office décor.


For those who love a classic, country, or rustic look, adding an old fashioned phone is a great choice. What is even better is that there are so many options to choose from. The Crosley Kettle phone was one of the most popular models and is in high demand today. These phones are perfect for desks or tables and come in a variety of colors and designs. From classic elegance seen during the 1930’s to vivid deco styles Crosley’s Kettle phone enhances every home’s décor. Art deco style phones look wonderful in homes or offices that have a modern or contemporary style. People who prefer various items, or who have an eclectic taste may also prefer Crosley’s Kettle phone in art deco styles and colors.

Another very popular old fashioned phone is the Country Kitchen style phone. These phones represent a colonial look from early Americana and are wonderful for those who decorate in either a country or folk style. Many of these country kitchen phones are wall phones that contain a crank handle, rotary dial, and speakerphone. These phones were first introduced during the 1920’s and they still look beautiful in form and style. Many of these phones also include a storage compartment at the base of the phone- perfect for jotting down notes, appointments, or last minute change of address and phone numbers.


Many vintage and old fashioned phones were modeled after their European counterparts. Some of these include:


· The Sultan
· The Royal Stockholm
· The Capitol
· The Eiffel Tower Phone
· The French Porcelain
· The Candlestick Phone
· The Kettle Classic Desk European Style


Some other wonderful vintage and old fashioned phone styles include:


· The Vintage Pay Phone
· Kettle Classic Desk
· Crosley’s Wall Phone
· Crosley’s Desk Phone
· The Princess Phone

The phone symbolizes one of the greatest advances in communication that ever occurred during human history. From Thomas Edison to Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone emerged through many changes and today, technology has led to advances that are sure to boggle even Edison’s mind. Celebrating the richness of the history behind the telephone with a classic vintage style is a wonderful way to remember the styles that graced homes from the late 1800’s to the end of the twentieth century. These phones range in appearance from sleek and smooth to fun and frivolous. However, whether you prefer the beautifully embellished French phone, or the compact look of the sixties Princess phones, there is a style of vintage phone to enhance your décor.




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